Green Wall

Vertical wall / Green wall maintenance

Want to develop that Beautiful Green living wall but worried about its maintenance ?

Not any more, just Book A Mali and we will help you grow all your plants just the way you want. Green wall development is easier then maintaining the same look for a long time.

Expert service & suggestions from selecting the plants to fixing it at the best location in your home /office / institution is just one part of the service.

Replacing of dried – damaged plants, adding manure, feeding liquid fertilisers & spraying of growth promoters, all this at your doorstep.

Aesthetic Benefits

The benefits of a vertical garden aren’t purely aesthetic, but the ability to soften what is, typically, a sparse and stark-looking space with greenery is definitely one of the greatest bonuses.

You may have a million-dollar view (or no view at all) from your apartment, but there is something unbeatably soothing about being surrounded by nature – or, at the very least, having a green space to look upon from your bed or sofa – or even the kitchen sink!

It’s simply not a feeling or experience that can be replaced by the most realistic of artificial plants, the most skilled and beautiful of paintings or even that million-dollar view of your city’s skyline.

The best bit is that you can enjoy a vertical garden no matter how small a space you have to work with.

We’ve installed vertical gardens in spaces ranging from a few metres to giant open spaces in the sky and, because we’re experts in vertical gardens, our plants will thrive no matter high up you live and no matter how harsh the sun and wind conditions may be.

Environmental Benefits

Vertical gardens offer a sustainable green solution that allows urban dwellers to contribute to the health of the environment – and maximise the smallest of spaces – even if they think they don’t have the option to do so.

Even the smallest or most compact of vertical gardens drinks in carbon dioxide, playing its part in purifying the air, offsetting carbon emissions and, potentially, reducing pollutants in your immediate area.

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